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Alexander the Great was born in northern Greece in 356 BC. He was tutored by the philosopher Aristotle. He ascended the Throne in 336BC following the death of his father Phillip II of Macedon. He was known as one of the greatest military leaders of the ancient world, Alexander the Great conquered Asia Minor, Egypt and Persia, founding over 70 cities in the process. This bust of Alexander is made of pore stone material , giving the piece a classic appearance. It was made in Greece, stands 9.8 inches high and weighs approximately 4.7 kilograms. All our prices are final including packaging, insurance and 'signed-for' delivery.

Statue's Details:

Condition: New, Copy, Handmade in Greece.

Material: Pore Stone

Height: 25cm (9.8")

Weight: 4,7 kg


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